Tony Perkins: Send Us A “Celebratory” Donation So We Can Stop Other Bills Like We Stopped Houston’s

As NOM did yesterday, this morning the Family Research Council is asking for “celebratory” donations so they work to repeal existing and stop new LGBT rights bills around the country. Tony Perkins writes:

Thank you! It’s good to celebrate. Unfortunately, this isn’t just about a single ordinance. These ongoing threats to religious liberty are being realized in virtually every community in America! As a result of the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage earlier this year, LGBT activists across the country have been emboldened to push the envelope even further. For example, just last week a group in Michigan announced plans to put a measure similar to Houston’s ordinance on the statewide ballot in 2016. Some on the Left have been pushing this in City Councils across the country.

If that’s not bad enough, they are also forcing these policies on students and passing them in School Boards. Just one example of this is Fairfax County, Virginia. Ignoring the vocal concerns of hundreds of parents, the School Board added a broad “gender identity” policy that allowed students of any age who identify as transgender to choose whether to use the boys’ or girls’ restrooms and locker rooms and which sex’s sports teams to play on.

Deceptively-Named “Equality Act”: The Left has mounted a new assault on your rights and freedoms in Congress. Now they’ve unveiled a bill that not only strips you of your rights regarding employment, but strips you of your rights in 25 areas of U.S. law . . . areas of life! These include: credit, education, federal funding, public facilities and accommodations, and federally funded programs, to name a few.

Would you consider making a celebration donation today? Your gift will enable FRC Action to: Elect principled conservative candidates who will stand up for our values; Urge Congress and work with our allies on the Hill to stand against this radical agenda; Provide word-by-word expert analysis of bills, riders, and other legislative maneuvers and ferret out any and every attempt by the administration to subvert the God-designed gender roles; Work at the state and local level to identify threats and equip both elected leaders and voters with the knowledge and resources to stand. Your continued giving at this time will help FRC Action stand strong, and build on the momentum to engage and defeat these ongoing threats. If this could happen in Houston, Texas, it can happen anywhere in America.