Teabagistan Begins The West Point Spin: Ben Carson Was Just Employing A “Loose Use” Of Language

Less than an hour after Ben Shapiro denounced Ben Carson as a liar, he suddenly has a very different opinion.

“Carson never said he applied. He said he was extended a full scholarship offer. What’s more, West Point doesn’t offer scholarships: all admission is free contingent on serving in the military afterwards. It thus seems probable that Westmoreland or another military figure tried to recruit Carson, telling him that he wouldn’t have to pay for his education – and that Carson read that as a ‘full scholarship,’ and never applied. But here’s how Politico editorialized: ‘When presented with this evidence, Carson’s campaign conceded the story was false.’ That’s nonsense. They did no such thing. They provided details that corroborated Carson’s story and explained his loose use of the language. If someone told you that you could go to college for free, you might reasonably conclude that you had been offered a full scholarship to attend that university. But Politico would call you a liar if you used such language to describe the exchange.”

We expected nothing less, of course.