Phyllis Schlafly: “Ship Illegals Out In Railroad Cars”

“Every time they say, ‘You can’t deport these people’, in my mind’s eye, I see the picture of those railroad cars carrying the illegals out of our country when Eisenhower deported them. They say it was a failure. It wasn’t at all. In my mind’s eye, I see those railroad cars full of illegals going south. That’s what they ought to do. We had a wonderful country of freedom and prosperity, and that’s why everyone in the world wants to come here. But we can’t let everyone in the world in. And we need to be very persnickety about who we let in. We only want people who love America and want to be American.” – Phyllis Schlafly, speaking to World Net Daily, which this weekend called for bombing Mecca “off the face of the earth.”