Pharma Douche Loses $14.6M In One Quarter

Business Insider reports:

The 5,000% increase in the price of an anti-parasitic drug hasn’t brought Turing Pharmaceuticals into the black just yet. For the third quarter, ending September 30, the company posted a $14.6 million net loss. Those three months cover the time that Turing acquired the US marketing rights to Daraprim, a 62-year-old drug that’s used to treat malaria and parasitic infections in patients with weakened immune systems. Turing picked up the rights in August, and quickly raised the price from $13.50 a pill to $750. Turing reported today that its net revenue on its two drugs — Daraprim and Vecamyl (a drug used to treat high blood pressure) — was $5.6 million.

Tito, hand me some tissue.