New Fitness Fad: Crunning [VIDEO]

Crawling + running = crunning. Which is really just a renamed exercise that football teams have long called “bear-crawls.” Via Gothamist:

It took a minute, but the fires of Hell have at long last forged a new trend in public humiliation-as-exercise, and it is called crunning. “But I already cry when I run!” you say. “How is this new?” No, it’s worse that that. The “cr” is for “crawling.” You’re crawl-running. You’re crunning. Shaun McCarthy, the Australian mastermind claiming credit for the term, has high hopes for the future of his crunning empire. “The only thing that crunning’s changed about fitness…is that it’s changed everything about fitness,” he says, eyes scrunched with sincerity. A montage of McCarthy waddling on all fours through a park follows. “Do not outcrun yourself—it could be bad for your neck or back,” he warns.