LOUISIANA: Diaper David Vitter Uses Images From Paris To Attack Gubernatorial Opponent [VIDEO]

Renowned adulterer, hooker patron, and diaper fetishist David Vitter has tweeted out a campaign clip which uses images from Paris to attack his Democratic opponent, whom he accuses “always siding” with President Obama. Via Mediaite:

The ad opens with the footage of the France-Germany game being interrupted by the suicide bomber’s explosion, followed by images of ambulances racing through Paris and the wounded being carted off. “One of the Paris ISIS terrorists entered France posing as a Syrian refugee. Now, Obama’s sending Syrian refugees to Louisiana,” the narrator says. “David Vitter warned Obama the dangers of Syrian refugees weeks ago, and promised as governor, no refugees would enter Louisiana. John Bel Edwards has pledged to work with Obama to bring Syrian refugees to Louisiana,” the ad continues.

Watch here or below.