LAUNCHED: Buycott For Jesus 2015

Faith Driven Consumer is exploiting the ridiculous Starbucks flap to promote the launch of this year’s Shopping For Jesus campaign. They write:

“Starbucks is free to design cups and other materials as they see fit, and each consumer—driven by their values and ideals—will respond based on the relative appeal of these products. For those Faith Driven Consumers and others dissatisfied with Starbucks’ new presentation of Christmas as ‘a blank canvas,’ the #ChristmasBUYcott offers a positive and viable path forward. To date, we have scored Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Krispy Kreme on the Faith Equality Index. The latter two, while not perfect, offer more faith-compatible alternatives. Rather than being frustrated with a company that fails to acknowledge your values, simply choose a brand that better welcomes you as a Faith Driven Consumer.”

Hit the link for the list of which companies love Jesus best (some are below) and which ones are going to hell for not saying “Merry Christmas.” And remember, all they want is for businesses to “remain neutral in the culture wars.” step1 step2