KENTUCKY: GOP Exploits Kim Davis & Marriage Backlash To Spur Evangelicals In Gubernatorial Race

How entirely unshocking. The Washington Post reports:

Trailing narrowly in the polls ahead of tomorrow’s Kentucky gubernatorial election, Republicans are trying to motivate evangelicals by invoking the case of county clerk Kim Davis and the Supreme Court’s decision recognizing gay marriage. Republican Matt Bevin planned to emphasize economic issues in his campaign, but he discovered that voters preferred to talk about social issues, including gay marriage and defunding Planned Parenthood. “I hear more about those now as I’m out on the campaign trail than I do about anything else,” he said. “This is what moves people.” As Bevin traversed the Bluegrass State the past few days, his body man handed out postcards that described him as “the only candidate for governor that has stood up for traditional marriage and religious liberty.” In his stump speech, Bevin asserts that only 25 percent of born-again Christians vote compared to 75 percent of “agnostics and atheists.”

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, refused to defend his state against a lawsuit seeking to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage. Outgoing Gov. Steve Beshear then hired outside counsel.