Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime [AUDIO]

“All hail disco Coldplay” says the Atlantic. They write:

At some point, it’s typical for rock bands who’ve conquered their genre to dabble in dance. The Rolling Stones did it, the Clash did it, U2 did it, Arcade Fire did it. Now Coldplay has done it, with a gloriously absurd, “Get Lucky”-aping new single called “Adventure of a Lifetime.” Some fans have reacted in the manner of many others whose guitar gods suddenly embraced funk bass and handclaps. A sampling of YouTube comments: “Goodbye, good Coldplay. Your Rock/AltRock Phases will be missed.” “coldplay is a pop band now :/.” “it just sounds like Coldplay collab with some independent EDM producer.”

To casual consumers or active haters of the band, these protests will sound a bit hilarious. When most people think of Coldplay, they do not think capital-R Rock ‘n’ Roll. They think about Chris Martin’s mushy vocals, or about arrangements meant for teary montages on TV dramas. They think about four guys covered in rainbow confetti. Coldplay ditches classic guitar music’s aggression and horndogging, and even indie’s restraint and cleverness, for open weeping, pining, New Aging; the result is that rock culture has about the same contempt for them as it once did for Saturday Night Fever. In fact Coldplay probably should have been a disco band all along.

It’s actually a pretty groovy track.