CANADA: Home-Schooling Convention Dumps Duggars

Following unending scandals, the Duggars have been dumping by a convention for Canada’s home-schooling movement. The CBC reports:

In a press release sent out on Sunday, the AHEA confirmed that the controversial reality TV couple, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, have been dropped from the program. “Although early feedback from our members this summer was supportive of having the Duggars come here, recent feedback from our own members points out that their appearance here would not be in the best interest of home educators,” reads the release. The Duggars were booked two years ago, before the news about Josh Duggar surfaced, according to AHEA president Paul van den Bosch. “As we have learned, child abuse can happen in any home and is never ‘old news,'” wrote van den Bosch.

Last week the US-based Christian home-schooling organization endorsed by the Duggars was sued for covering up sexual abuses allegedly committed by its founder.