Breitbart Punishes Starbucks With $10 Plastic Cup

Breitbart is putting the Christ back in Christmas with an ‘in your face” $10 plastic coffee cup meant to punish Starbucks. They write:

Starbucks’ decision to rip all Christmas symbols off its coffee cups further alienated conservatives who were already fed up with the Seattle-based company’s liberal politics. However, in the wake of the Starbucks red cup controversy, which was first reported by Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam, a new coffee tumbler stands to reignite the latest battle in the War on Christmas.

Just in time for Cyber Monday, Breitbart News launched today its first-ever, limited edition Merry Christmas coffee tumbler. The bright red tumbler is emblazoned with a snowflake-encircled Breitbart ‘B’ donning a Santa hat with “Merry Christmas” printed in bold across its face. The cup’s back features tongue-in-cheek barista boxes denoting the strength of one’s brew, with “Honey Badger”—a Breitbart community mantra for being “in your face,” based on the viral Internet video—representing the strongest blend. “Caution: This beverage contains common sense,” appears at the bottom.

Many Breitbart commenters are questioning the cup’s design, its cost, and that an unnamed veteran’s charity will allegedly get a “portion” of the proceeds.