BREAKING: At Least 60 Reported Killed In Multiple Paris Attacks, Terrorism Suspected, Incidents Ongoing

News outlets are reporting that multiple terrorist attacks are taking place across Paris at this writing. At least 18 [UPDATE: 60] are reported killed by gunfire and bombings have been reported at a bar and at a soccer match taking place at Stade de France, the nation stadium where President Francois Hollande was in attendance. Hollande has been safely evacuated. Story developing….

UPDATE: CNN reports that 60 hostages are being held at one of the attack sites, the Bataclan theater.bataclan
UPDATE II: Early video is coming in.

UPDATE III: The Associated Press reports the death toll is now 26.

UPDATE IV: At least 60 are now confirmed dead. New reports say the theater hostages had been attending a concert by the American band Eagles Of Death Metal.