AUSTRALIA: Former Queensland Attorney General Reverses, Says He Now Supports Same-Sex Marriage

Within weeks of his 2012 election to his state’s legislature, former Queensland Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie engineered the downgrading of civil unions to registered partnerships. But in what is being called a “breathtaking reversal,” Bliejie has declared that he now supports same-sex marriage. Q News reports:

Mr Bleijie, who is a committed Christian and a marriage celebrant this week told the Courier Mail that upon deeper reflection, he now supports same-sex marriage and will vote in favour of restoring state recognised civil union ceremonies for same-sex couples. “Supporting civil partnerships, and supporting same sex marriage has not been an easy journey for me,’’ Mr Bleijie said.

“I have gone from being the attorney-general responsible for abolishing same sex civil partnerships in Queensland, to intending to vote in favour in the forthcoming federal plebiscite.” Bleijie says his change of heart stemmed from officiating marriage ceremonies for friends and family members. “Marriage should be a statement of love and commitment between the happy couple; not an institution that rejects those who wish to enter it with the best intentions,’’ Bleijie said.

The anti-gay Australian Christian Lobby is VERY unhappy.

The capitulation of former Queensland Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie on the meaning of marriage will come as a big disappointment for people who voted for him, according to Australian Christian Lobby Queensland director Wendy Francis. “Throughout his career, Mr Bleijie has actively sought the votes of people who believe in the right of children to wherever possible be raised by their parents. To now take a position on marriage that mandates a family structure denying this basic right to children is a blow to his social justice credentials and a breach of trust to voters.”

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