Anti-Gay Activist: Candidates Wouldn’t Have Attended “Death To Gays” Event If They’d Known In Advance

Anti-gay activist Michael Brown, who makes a living writing a series of vile anti-LGBT books, says that GOP candidates would never have attended Kevin Swanson’s “death to gays” convention if they’d been warned in advance of Swanson’s views. Of course we know that they WERE warned, over and over, especially Ted Cruz, who was asked about his attendance by CNN’s Jake Tapper on the day before the event began.

Brown’s claims come, rather laughably, via a column on BarbWire, a site best known here for also publishing columns by several advocates of executing homosexuals. His column comes in the form of an open letter to Rachel Maddow:

In light of the extreme rhetoric of that rally, I felt it was important to you remind you of what’s happening in the world that most of us live in. That rhetoric does not represent us in the least. It’s also important that you recognize that the presidential candidates who attended this rally (Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, and Ted Cruz) were there to identify with the cause of religious liberty, and they too would categorically reject some of the words spoken at the conference (as well as reject some of the positions advocated by at least one of the speakers outside of the conference).

I also feel confident that, had they known in advance what Kevin Swanson, the conference’s chief organizer, planned to say, they would not have attended the rally. Rachel, as a conservative moral leader, I’ve sat at behind the scenes meetings of groups like Focus on the Family or the Family Research Council, and I never heard one hostile word spoken about gays or lesbians, let alone a word calling for violence or execution. Perish the thought! That’s because those things violate the very spirit of our faith, and, as I stated earlier, it is that faith that informs us and guides us, a faith that clings tightly to the words and example of Jesus.

Bolding is motherfucking mine. Oh, my sides. (Tipped by JMG reader Alan)

NOTE: I don’t link to BarbWire because that site sets off my malware alarms. Feel free to seek out the full column if you are confident that your virus protections are up to date.

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