All Out Launches Crowdfunded “Gay Cure Watch” Site

Via press release:

A new online tool to fight gay “cures” has just launched, thanks to All Out, a global movement for the rights of lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people. Crowdfunded entirely by All Out members from all over the world, this online tool allows people to report conversion therapy “treatments” as they show up in their communities. Working with members and international partners, All Out will campaign to shut down gay “cures” wherever they appear.

“No one should be told that their love is a disease,” said Leandro Ramos, Interim Executive Director of All Out. “The Gay ‘Cure’ Watch is a powerful tool, funded entirely by All Out members, which will allow our organization to find out where these dangerous “treatments” are happening and get them shut down once and for all.”

Around the world, extremist groups are promoting “therapy” sessions and seminars to “cure” people from being lesbian, gay, bi, or trans, using tactics from degrading verbal abuse to painful electro-shocks and drugs. Outdated and medically unfounded, these “treatments” do nothing but increase the risk of depression and suicide among vulnerable lesbian, gay, bi and trans youth.

Examples of gay “cures” pop up all over the world. Just this year, it was reported that one in ten health workers in the United Kingdom have witnessed a professional colleague promoting gay “cures.” In the United States, an anti-gay group was sued and forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars in damages to victims of its gay “cure” treatment. And in India, doctors were discovered giving electro-shocks and drugs in attempts to “cure” their gay patients.

Since the launch of the tool, 17 people have already reported organisations, individuals and therapists which support or practice gay “cures”. Those reported include a UK-based organisation called “True Freedom Trust”, US-based “Portland Fellowship” and Netherlands based “Exodus Global Alliance”.

See the new site. A donation link is at the top right.