Wingnut Site Daily Caller Runs Photo Of Malia Obama Allegedly Playing Beer Pong At Brown University

The Daily Caller thinks it has a “gotcha” with a photo of Malia Obama possibly playing beer pong during a tour of Brown University. They write:

Malia Obama was visiting Brown University in Rhode Island for a campus tour last weekend, and while she was there, the 17-year-old finally proved that there’s at least one cool person in the Obama family. She stayed with a friend in a dorm room, and even though there were Secret Service all over the place, she still managed to party her Obamass off like she was a 2005 Bush twin. Yeah, Malia did normal college things like eat at the dining hall and get a burrito bowl from Chipotle, but she was also spotted playing beer pong with the other Ivy League students during a dorm party.

The photo reportedly comes from a party attendee’s Snapchat account.