Vatican Observers: It’s Likely That The Pope Will Shitcan The Guy Who Sprung Kim Davis On Him

According to a report published today by the New York Times, Vatican observers expect US Papal Nuncio Carlo Vigano to be removed at the “first respectable opportunity” for his “grave misstep” in secretly orchestrating the Pope’s meeting with Kim Davis. They write:

Archbishop Viganò is turning 75 in January, the age at which bishops must submit a formal request to the Vatican asking for permission to resign. These requests are not automatically accepted, and bishops often stay in their appointments well past age 75. But if Archbishop Viganò is held responsible for what is seen as a grave misstep on an important papal trip, he is likely to be removed at the first respectable opportunity, according to several church analysts. “Nobody in the Catholic Church wants another Regensburg,” said Massimo Faggioli, an associate professor of theology and director of the Institute for Catholicism and Citizenship at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn. He was referring to the backlash that resulted when Pope Benedict XVI, Francis’ predecessor, gave a speech in Regensburg, Germany, that appeared to denigrate Islam. The meeting with Ms. Davis was clearly a misstep, Dr. Faggioli said, “because the whole trip to the United States he very carefully didn’t want to give the impression that he was being politicized by any side.” He added, “And this thing is the most politicized thing that you can imagine.”

The Vatican’s spokesman today also made it very clear that Mat Staver is lying (again) when he insists that the invitation to meet the Pope came directly from Rome.

“Who brought her in? The nuncio,” said Father Rosica, who is working with the Vatican’s media office in advance of a major meeting of bishops that begins this weekend. “The Nunciature was able to bring in donors, benefactors.” Father Rosica said of the controversy: “I would simply say: Her case is a very complex case. It’s got all kinds of intricacies. Was there an opportunity to brief the pope on this beforehand? I don’t think so. A list is given — these are the people you are going to meet.” Mr. Staver, for his part, said he had been briefly introduced to Archbishop Viganò in April, when he spoke at a large rally in Washington against same-sex marriage, before the Supreme Court ruled on the issue.

Here’s what Brian Brown wrote after Vigano attended NOM’s hate march:

One of the biggest pieces of news about the March for Marriage last Thursday is something that you probably won’t read about in most of the major outlets. The March was honored by the presence of a very special guest: the official representative of Pope Francis himself, the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. I am extremely grateful to Archbishop Viganò for his attendance of the March, and I cannot express what a great honor it was to have him in our midst. This is a sign of great encouragement and hope for the marriage movement in America. Archbishop Viganò’s demonstration of solidarity with our movement is an exciting and edifying piece of news. The Archbishop has been a vocal defender of the family on the world stage, and his leadership and witness in this matter are exemplary.

That dude is SO fucking fired.