Support For Tea Party Falls To Record Low

According to a just-released Gallup poll, support for the Tea Party is at a five-year record low. Only 17% of those surveyed say they have a favorable impression of the Tea Party, a nearly 50% drop from November 2010. More from Salon:

Of course, it has been the Tea Party sympathizers in the House Freedom Caucus and Tea Party Caucus who have in a matter of weeks forced current House Speaker John Boehner into an early retirement, denied second-in-line Kevin McCarthy his opportunity to ascend and nearly browbeat Paul Ryan out of the job for fear of future retribution. The Tea Party’s take no prisoners approach in Washington D.C. has done little to bolster support across the nation, however. In fact, 24 percent of Americans now say they are opponents of the Tea Party. Even among self-described conservative Republicans, support for the Tea Party has dropped from 63 percent in 2010 to 42 percent now. But the biggest drop off in support for the Tea Party comes from Independents who lean Republican, with a 29 percent decrease in support from 2010.

Stand by for screaming from Breitbart.