Southern Baptist Seminary Head Albert Mohler Denounces Ex-Gay Torture: Praying Is More Effective

Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, spoke today at the opening of a conference which addresses the critical problem of millions of gays shoving their homosexy ways down everybody’s throats. According to Mohler, ex-gay torture is just a big waste of time because the only way to cure The Gay is by praying to Christ Himself. The Associated Press reports:

Mohler said so-called conversion or reparative therapy doesn’t carry the redemptive power of prayer. “In the case of many people struggling with this particular sin, we do not believe that some kind of superficial answer whereby they can turn a switch from being attracted to persons of the same sex to being attracted to persons of the opposite sex,” Mohler told reporters at the start of a three-day conference on homosexuality and how to offer pastoral care to gays, hosted by the Louisville seminary.

“By God’s grace, that might happen over time as a sign of God’s work within the life of that individual. But … for many, many people struggling with these patterns of sin, it will be a lifelong battle,” Mohler said. Mohler said Monday that Christians have sinned against the gay community by “ignoring their presence among us, by remaining silent when we should speak the truth and by reducing a massive human struggle to simplistic explanations.” “Our message is the Gospel for all people, and that means that we call all people … to be converted to faith in Christ,” he said.

Heath Lambert, executive director of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, said the conference, expected to draw about 2,000 people, would showcase how “uniquely biblical” counseling can lead to repentance. He said the organization opposes reparative therapy. “We believe that repentant faith is the means of change,” Lambert said. The conference’s goal, he said, is to give counselors “a growing love and care for people who struggle with sexual sin, homosexual sin. We want people to have a growing wisdom about how to come alongside them and walk with them through a process of care.”

The opening of today’s conference was protested by several dozen LGBT rights activists including pro-LGBT clergy members, two of whom told the AP that “praying the gay away” still constitutes spiritual abuse.