Sanders Defends Socialism To Bill Maher [VIDEO]

Mediaite has the recap:

Maher seemed to all but officially endorse Bernie Sanders in this one appearance; just this week, Maher’s pal Seth MacFarlane proudly introduced Sanders in Los Angeles, so the pressure to do so may continue to rise for the progressive Maher. Tonight he told Sanders in no uncertain terms, “I want to see you get the nomination”. As for Sanders, his rousing talking points about new incomes going to the top percent of Americans and other developed nation that guarantees healthcare as a right to its citizens were both staples of the Real Time appearance. As has been the case in most of his public appearances where the crowd is filled with adoring superfans (Liberty University notwithstanding), the audience at Real Time energized the Sanders interview. As the segment ended, Maher joked, perhaps with a shade of truth, “I’ll send you a check.”