REPORT: Coming Absolutely Fabulous Movie To Feature 100 Drag Queens And “Camp-Looking Queers”

The Spectator has some interesting dish about the coming AbFab movie:

Although a number of celebrity cameos are expected to feature in the film, Miss S understands that the A-list cast — rumoured to include Harry Styles — will now have to compete for the spotlight with an army of drag queens. Talent scouts are currently on the hunt for nearly 100 drag queens and ‘draggy camp fantastic looking queers’ to take part in the film. On top of eight drag queens to perform individually and 70 to be in an audience, they are specifically after 18 celebrity drag lookalikes. These include a Cher lookalike, a Christina Aguilera lookalike and a Tammy Wynette lookalike.

See the drag casting call at the link.