OHIO: Toledo Mayoral “Prophetess” Candidate Rebukes Local Radio Host And Speaks In Tongues [VIDEO]

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” Opal Covey, 75, is running for mayor of Toledo, Ohio for the fifth time because God Himself personally told her in 2000 that she is destined to win. Yesterday she visited local talk radio station WSPD where she melted down in the lobby and began ranting in tongues to host Fred LeFebvre as cell phone cameras rolled. Ooh, papa toony. According to Ms. Covey, the late previous mayor of Toledo was struck down by God because he stole the election. More from the Toledo Blade:

Ms. Covey’s politics are centered on two main approaches: her claimed direct link to God, which means what she says is God’s will, and her anti-government populism, which seems born out of the closure of a handful of businesses she owned in Toledo, the most famous of which was closed after a raid by animal cruelty investigators found hundreds of animals in her East Toledo store. She spent 10 days in jail after she had been convicted of animal cruelty charges. The history is evidence of the city’s corruption and anti-businesses attitude. She’s just an ordinary citizen, she said, crushed under the powerful who care not for the neighborhoods. God has taken his wrath out on the city, leaving it in decline. Ms. Covey is running as a Republican and claims to be the party’s endorsed candidate. Jon Stainbrook, chair of the Lucas County Republican Party, says that’s not true, as the party has not yet endorsed anyone in the race.

You’ll enjoy the clip below. And wait for Fred to start responding with song lyrics.

(Tipped by JMG reader Tony)