Nutjob Pastor Rick Wiles: “Crisis Actors” May Have Staged The Mass Shooting In Oregon [AUDIO]

“Several members of the ‘Trunews’ team and I were talking this morning in the office about the mysterious appearance of similar looking persons at the scenes of recent mass shootings. Could they be the same people? Could they be paid crisis actors and actresses? Is there a secret death squad at work in this country staging mass shootings in order to build public support for disarming the American people of their firearms? Are we living in the matrix of deception? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to discern what is real and what is fake? Are news events being manufactured for political purposes?” – Pastor Rick Wiles, parroting the wingnut meme that follows every mass shooting.  Several days after the Obergefell ruling Wiles renounced his US citizenship, but he mysteriously remains in the country.