NEBRASKA: Woman Charged With Child Abuse For Forcing Sons To Watch Mommie Dearest

The abuse charge comes because the kids were duct-taped to their chairs. This case made a bit of news back in August when the boyfriend was arrested and now the mother has been charged too. The Smoking Gun has the arrest details:

A Nebraska woman whose two young boys were forced to watch the film “Mommie Dearest” while duct-taped to their chairs has been jailed on child abuse counts, according to court records. Mary Lucas, 28, was charged this week with a pair of felonies stemming from the bizarre disciplining of her sons, age five and six, in late-August. In an arrest affidavit, police allege that Lucas (seen at right) was aware that her boyfriend Glenn Oliver, 29, was “duct taping the children as a form of punishment.” During questioning, Lucas admitted that she made her two boys watch “Mommie Dearest” after the children said that she was “the meanest mommy.” Lucas, who described the film as “Hollywood’s perfect representation of a mean mother,” said that her own mother “made her watch the movie when she was 4 years old.”