Mat Staver: That Kim Davis Isn’t In Any Photos With The Pope Proves She Met Privately With The Pope

Yesterday Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver announced that the Vatican has finally posted its official photo galleries of the papal visit to the United States. And since Kim Davis isn’t IN any those photos, well – that just proves that she did indeed have a private audience with Pope Francis. Seriously. 

Mat Staver:

“The meeting with Kim Davis was unlike the other meetings because it was a private meeting and that’s what we’ve said from the very beginning, and that’s in fact what happened. There are some people that speculated that it must have just been some large group that she was a part of, the Pope certainly may not have known who she was, she just came up and greeted him. and the fact of the matter is, these pictures unequivocally show that that is not true. Because all of meetings where he met with groups of people, on the 24th of September at the Vatican Embassy, are now published. 22 pages of pictures on the Vatican website, and Kim Davis is not in any of those group pictures.”

Matt Barber:

“I don’t know if it was Lombardi himself, the Vatican spokesman, who clearly tried to obfuscate when the pressure came to bear, he clearly tried to kind of change the narrative and suggested disingenuously — this was done intentionally — this was disingenuous, to suggest, to try to create enough gray area that would make people, including media who were looking forward to jumping on the opportunity, to make people think that Kim Davis was just kind of thrown in with a big group of dozens of people, as he said. Well, now we know, that is absolutely not the fact. we’ve known that all along. Kim Davis was singled out.”

For SOME reason, Liberty Counsel has declined to post a link to the photo galleries, but you can see the DC portion of the US visit here.