Jeb Bush Shrugs Off Oregon Murders: “Stuff Happens”

After a firestorm of criticism on social media and from prominent Democrats, Bush tried to backpedal:

“There are all sorts of things that happen in life,” Bush said. “Tragedies unfold almost, look, you just read the papers and you see a child dies in a pool and drowns. And parents want to pass a law to do something and you got to be careful that you want to solve the problem. If there’s a problem, a defect in the law, find, then we did that all the time, but sometimes you’re imposing solutions to problems that doesn’t fix the problem and takes away peoples’ liberties and rights and that’s the point I was trying to make.” Bush’s campaign called the Democratic attacks — and the media’s response “beyond craven.” “It is sad and beyond craven that liberal Democrats, aided and abetted by some in the national media, would dishonestly take Governor Bush’s comments out of context in a cheap attempt to advance their political agenda in the wake of a tragedy,” Bush spokesperson Allie Brandenburger said in a statement. “Taking shameless advantage of a horrific tragedy is wrong and only serves to prey on people’s emotions.”

Hopefully the DNC will trot out “stuff happens” for every Clinton-bashing “what difference does it make?”