INDIANA: Outed GOP Candidate Maintains That LGBT Citizens Don’t Need “Special Protections”

“I still believe in my heart of hearts that our gay and lesbian communities are protected currently under the law. If there are cases that need to be brought, let’s bring them. I don’t know why they feel they need special protections when there are other categories that might need protections. My little experimentation over the last six years hasn’t changed my view on that.” – Brent Randall, GOP city council candidate in Goshen, Indiana, who was outed this week for having a profile on Adam4Adam, which he calls a “little experiment” after having been married to a woman for 22 years. Divorced in 2009 and trolling for cock since then (at least), Randall opposes adding LGBT protections to Goshen’s civil rights ordinance. Indiana has no statewide LGBT anti-discrimination laws.