Donald Trump Takes Credit For McCarthy News

Move over Brian Brown, Donald Trump says that HE is the reason for for Kevin McCarthy’s unexpected withdrawal from the House Speaker race. Because of course. Business Insider reports:

Trump, the Republican front-runner, said McCarthy made the right decision because he wasn’t tough enough. “Great, Kevin McCarthy drops out of SPEAKER race. We need a really smart and really tough person to take over this very important job!” Trump tweeted. “Washington (D.C.) is such a mess – nothing works! I will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! It’s not going to happen with anyone else.” Later in the day, Trump gave a campaign speech in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he said unnamed people were giving him “a lot of credit” for McCarthy’s exit because he publicly called for House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) replacement to be a tough negotiator. “Kevin McCarthy is out,” he told his cheering audience. “They’re giving me a lot of credit for that because I said, ‘You really need somebody very, very tough. And very smart.’ You know smart goes with tough. … I know tough people, they’re not smart, that’s the worst, OK? That’s the worst. You’ve got to be smart.”