British Pop Idol Winner Will Young Addresses Trans Identity In Stunning Clip For New Single Brave Man

Openly gay 2002 British Pop Idol winner Will Young tackles trans identity in his new single Brave Man, the video for which follows a real life transgender man as he stumbles forlorn and naked through the streets of London. Young explains:

“It seems extremely brave to be a man in a woman’s body and then decide to do something about this. As I thought more about it I realised that there is often coverage of what it is to be a woman in a man’s body but never to my knowledge the documenting of the opposite. Almost a perverted kind of patriarchy. In this video we see a man determined to be himself in the face of all adversity from inside and outside. It isn’t brave but my God it shows true grit and strength. What a wonderful thing. This video is about taking a moment in time to explore a section of society who stand up for themselves.”

The heartbreaking clip might not be office-friendly.

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