Brian Brown Claims “Big Win” On McCarthy News

And of course he’s exploiting the news with a money beg:

Big win! Kevin McCarthy, the California Congressman who supported pro-same sex marriage Republican, Carl Demaio has dropped out of the race for House speaker! As you know NOM worked hard to help defeat Carl Demaio and other pro-same-sex marriage Republicans in 2014. Now the fight is on for a Speaker who will not just pay lip service to marriage and religious liberty, but will actually forcefully support legislation like the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). We’ve got a ton of work to do to make that a reality and we need your help to do it. We have a matching challenge grant through the end of this year that will double your donation. Will you help us fight for a real champion as speaker? Will you help us pass the First Amendment Defense Act?

Lately NOM’s money begs are coming even more frequently than usual – sometimes more than one per day.