Brian Brown Has The Funding Sadz

In today’s money beg, Brian Brown warns that while NOM has done everything they can to reduce their expenses, something “drastic” might happen if donations don’t start to pour in. He writes:

Unlike groups working to destroy marriage, NOM does not have large reserves or billionaire donors. As we gear up to push our plan forward during the balance of the year, it is essential that we have the resources we need to be effective. Right now we are $100,000 short of reaching our budget for the rest of the year. Unless we can close that gap we will have no choice but to scale back our efforts and cut critical activities that are desperately needed. I can tell you that we are doing everything we can to manage our work effectively and efficiently. We’ve streamlined our operations and cut overhead so that everything we raise is put to use in the most efficient way possible. But unless we are able to raise the $100,000 we need to close our budget gap, we will have to take drastic action that could well make the difference between victory and defeat.

Today’s message contains nine separate links to NOM’s donation page.