Ben Carson To Glenn Beck: Obergefell Is The Worst Supreme Court Ruling In 20 Years

Via the Washington Examiner:

Dr. Ben Carson said Wednesday that the Supreme Court’s June ruling making same-sex marriage legal around the country is the worst decision by the high court in the past 20 years. The former neurosurgeon made the remark during an interview with TheBlaze’s Glenn Beck Wednesday morning during a rapid fire Q&A segment, during which he was pressed on issues such as Obamacare, common core and who he thinks was the most underrated president and founding father. “Worst Supreme Court decision in the last 20 years?” Beck asked the 2016 hopeful. “Probably, I would say the gay marriage decision,” Carson responded. Beck also tried pressing Carson on who he would appoint to the Supreme Court, but he declined to offer up any specific names.

At the time of the ruling Carson briefly earned the ire of Teabagistan by conceding that gay marriage is now “the law of the land.”