Tweet Of The Week: Jim Obergefell

BOOM! Obergefell’s tweet links to today’s batshittery in Tennessee, where two of God’s Own Lawmakers have vowed to void the Supreme Court with a bill just like all the dozens already struck down. This time it will WORK, people! Bryan Fischer is ecstatic:

“Two Tennessee lawmakers are showing the rest of the United States the way to strike a lethal blow against the judicial tyranny of the Supreme Court. Here is how it’s done: by states with marriage amendments declaring the Court’s ruling on sodomy-based marriage null and void. The Constitution is utterly silent on the subject of marriage and homosexuality – you will not find either word anywhere in the Constitution – which means, according the Constitution as written, dealing with both is a matter for the states under the 10th Amendment. These lawmakers, as did the Founders, are seeking to craft legislation in accord with the “laws of nature and nature’s God.” Simple plumbing tells you that homosexual “marriage” is an oxymoron. The kind of sex employed in homosexual unions puts human body parts to uses that are clearly contrary to the way they were designed. And homosexual unions are clearly contrary not only to the laws of nature but to the laws of God. Homosexuality is condemned as a behavior from the beginning of Scripture to the end.”

And you thought all the fun of winning was over for now.