Tony Perkins: Kim Davis May Have Sparked New Wave Of Anti-Gay Resistance Across America

“I can tell you that Kim Davis isn’t a martyr — she’s a hero. What the Left is almost certainly afraid of is what is coming to pass: courage is breeding courage. And months from now, we may all look back and realize that she was the example that sparked a blaze of resistance across this country. When other people might have cowered in fear, Kim took a stand. And today, she is surrounded by hundreds of Americans who stand with her. Do you really think William Bradford and the Pilgrims were just trying to move their church membership? Weren’t there churches a little closer that that would not have resulted in nearly half of them dying that first winter in Plymouth? They came for what Kim Davis is standing for. They came for the ability to live their lives according to their Christian faith. And now it’s time for the government of this country to step back and let us.”  – KKK-affiliated hate group leader Tony Perkins, relaunching his daily press release after nearly two months of Duggar shame.