Teabagistan REALLY Hates Pope Francis: He May Be “Condemning Millions To Unspeakable Earthly Misery”

Teabagistan may be having a civil war over Fox News and Donald Trump, but they are definitely united in their hatred of that commie/socialist/Obama-kisser Pope Francis. Posted today on Breitbart:

If God is the God of free will in this broken world, then He most certainly does not see a moral equivalency between free market capitalism and totalitarian communism. And nor should the pope. It is understandable that a pope — shrouded in clean white vestments and living in a guarded palace — might fail to appreciate the misery in this world and how it is carried out by evil, power-hungry men. But Pope Francis makes great pains to display compassion for those in misery. It would also be understandable if a pope simply chose to ride far above the troubles of this world and live prayerfully like a monk in a monastery.

But again and again, Pope Francis has chosen to boldly tackle real world ideas, even when woefully out of his depth. He has opined at great length on global warming, proving little other than his shallow grasp of science. His exhortations on immigration reveal his weak grasp of public policy and moral hazard. And his excoriations of free-market economics proved him to be least of all an economist. History remembers the righteous crusade of Pope John Paul II and former President Ronald Reagan that literally set millions of people free from oppression. If Pope Francis and President Obama are not careful, they, too, will be remembered by history. But not for freeing people. Rather, remembered for condemning millions to unspeakable earthly misery.

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