South Dakota To Pay $242K For Marriage Battle

Via the Associated Press:

South Dakota on Friday agreed to pay $242,000 to attorneys for same-sex couples who challenged the state’s ban on gay marriages. Attorney Josh Newville said the deal was finalized Friday, bringing to a close the lawsuit filed in federal District Court in May 2014. “I’m glad we don’t have to fight over it anymore,” he said. “I’m certainly relieved and excited that it’s wrapped up.” Newville sued the state on behalf of six same-sex couples, challenging South Dakota’s ban on gay marriages and its refusal to recognize marriages of same-sex couples who legally wed in other states. U.S. District Court Judge Karen Schreier ruled in Newville’s favor in January, but put her decision on hold pending appeals. A federal appeals court affirmed Schreier’s ruling in August, allowing attorneys to proceed with their plan to seek legal fees from the state.

A portion of the money goes to the National Center for Lesbian Rights.