REPORT: Price-Gouging Pharma CEO Has Been Accused Of Hacking & Harassing Rival’s Family

Yesterday we learned that pharma CEO Martin Shkreli has raised the price of a vital AIDS drug by 5500%. Folks have gone digging into Shkreli’s past and there’s quite a story there. US Uncut reports that Shkreli was recently accused of hacking the email account of a rival pharma executive and threatening his family. They write:

The report, taken by New Jersey’s Summit Police Department in December of 2013, describes a man named Tim Pierotti’s claims against Shkreli. It also indicates that Pierotti’s email accounts had been hacked by who he suspected was Shkreli. The hacker then used the email account to access Pierotti’s Facebook and Linked In accounts. Subsequent documents from Pierotti’s lawyers confirm that the IP address, that was used to change his Facebook page were directly traced to Shkreli’s networks. As his accounts were breached, multiple postings appeared on his accounts relating to an on going civil litigation suit between him and Shkreli. Taking things even further, the report indicates that Shkreli friend requested Pierotti’s 16-year-old son from the account and began messaging him stating that his father had stolen money and betrayed Mr. Shkreli. The Pierotti family quickly blocked the account, but his wife continued to receive text messages from someone he believed to be Shkreli. Documents filed by Pierotti’s lawyers also claim that Shkreli sent messages to Pierotti’s wife stating things such as, “I hope to see you and your four children homeless and will do whatever I can to assure this.”

Just last month Shkreli was sued in federal court for shady dealings at his former company. Forbes reports:

In 2011, Martin Shkreli—then 29 years old and a rather outspoken manager of the hedge fund MSMB Capital Management—attracted some acclaim when he started his own biotech company, Retrophin, and began pursuing therapies for rare diseases. He served at the helm of Retrophin until last fall, when the company ousted him, later alleging that he improperly passed off legal settlements with MSMB investors as consulting agreements. Now Retrophin is taking the dispute with the controversial entrepreneur a step further. Retrophin filed a federal lawsuit against Shkreli on Monday in New York alleging that he created the biotech and took it public solely to provide stock to MSMB investors when the hedge fund became insolvent. The suit seeks more than $65 million in damages and a requirement that Shkreli disgorge all the compensation he received from Retrophin during the time he acted as a “faithless servant” to it, as the claim reads. Turing Pharmaceuticals, another biotech startup that Shkreli founded this past February, is not named in the suit.

Shkreli named his current company after famed gay computer genius Alan Turing, which only makes his latest actions more infuriating.