Rep. Louie Gohmert: If I Get My Way On The Iran Deal, I Won’t Run For Reelection [AUDIO]

Nutjob Rep. Louie Gohmert is attempting to derail the Iran deal with a House bill that would reclassify the pending agreement as a treaty. Yesterday Glenn Beck announced that Gohmert has told him that if his bill is approved, he won’t seek reelection. Glenn Beck:

“I just got an email from Louie Gohmert. He said, ‘Last week I announced to the world if the House and Senate will treat Iran — the Iran treaty as a treaty, I will not run for my congressional seat again. It’s the only thing that I have left that our leadership wants beside my integrity. And after last week that I spent in Egypt, I feel so compelled to do absolutely everything I can to derail this president’s drastic move towards a nuclear holocaust. I won’t run again if the House voted on my attached resolution and the Senate voted on ratification.’ I’ve talked to a couple of these guys. I’ve talked to a couple of these senators and congressmen who said, too far gone. Good guys, really big guys too, that have said, too far gone. I cannot be a part of this any longer. It’s far worse than it was when the Democrats had control, and I can’t do it anymore. Pray for our nation. We’re at a crossroads, and it’s time we stand and stand together and know what we’re standing for. It’s beyond the Constitution at this point.”

The audio is from Beck’s radio show.