NOM Launches Kim Davis Bigotry Reward Fund

Kim Davis has not been fined, her lawyers are working for free, and she continues to draw her salary. But somehow Brian Brown thinks you should send her lots of money. Because Jesus. Via press release:

I am writing you today with a more personal request, something unrelated to NOM. Kim and her family face a very uncertain future. Because she has defied the demands of a rogue federal judge who thinks he can strip her of her constitutionally protected right to religious liberty, Kim could face massive fines. The judge has virtually unlimited power to enforce his contemptible order holding Kim in “contempt of court” and the gay activists who sued her have demanded massive fines be imposed even though they have already been “married.”

NOM has joined with an allied organization,, to create a special crowdsourcing fund whose proceeds will go directly to Kim Davis. Please make a generous contribution to the Kim Davis Fund to help this courageous public servant continue to fight for the religious liberty rights of every American who believes that marriage was ordained by God as the union of one man and one woman. The need for this type of fund is made more urgent because other crowdfunding sites like have succumbed to the demands of gay activists and refuse to make their sites available for fundraising campaigns to support Christians like the bakers in Oregon who have been fined for not wanting to be personally involved in same-sex ‘marriage.’ These activists were stunned when average Americans contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Christians who, like Kim Davis, stood firm for their beliefs about marriage, so they shut down fundraising campaigns for these people.

We cannot turn our back on people like Kim Davis who show incredible courage to stand up to the powerful elite who insist that we abandon the truth of marriage. Please make a generous contribution to the Kim Davis Fund today so that she can rest assured that funds are available to help her fight back against this injustice, and to support her family while she sits in jail.

So less than $5000 has been raised. And of course, donating to Kim Davis will get you NOM’s money beg list.