NOM Denounces “Rouge” Judge: Free Kim Davis!

“Hours ago a federal judge jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in an act of judicial tyranny. Judge David Bunning wants to force her to abandon her Christian principles and personally participate in validating same-sex ‘marriages’ by putting her name on the license. Federal law says that the government must provide a reasonable accommodation for people with deeply held religious beliefs, but this rouge judge is determined to make Kim pay for standing up for principle. This judicial tyranny must end now! Please sign our petition demanding that Kim Davis be freed immediately, and calling on elected officials in Washington and at the state level to enact legislation affording an accommodation for people so that they personally are not required to participate in something that violates their deeply held religious beliefs. The left is already trying to spin this as ‘stopping discrimination’ but the real victims of discrimination are Kim Davis and all of us who, because of the illegitimate ruling of the US Supreme Court in redefining marriage, are being told to sacrifice religious liberty on the altar of gay ‘rights’. – Hate group leader Brian Brown, promoting a “Free Kim Davis” petition that, of course, puts you on NOM’s money beg list.