Maggie Gallagher Slams “Shamefully Silent” Donald Trump Over Jailing Of Kim Davis

“Kim Davis is showing us what conscience looks like. After all, getting in front of a slavishly approving media à la Ferguson does not confer moral significance on one’s willingness to break the civil law for a higher law. What makes civil disobedience noble is a willingness to sacrifice, if necessary, rather than submit to the civil law. But is civil disobedience really necessary? The conscientious objector’s willingness to pay a price throws the ball back into our court: Are we satisfied with this result? Can we do better? Do we want to? How we respond to the jailing of Kim Davis tells us a lot about where we are as a country and how the gay-marriage issue will unfold. Right now, to their profound shame, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, and Lindsey Graham are siding with the judge who threw Kim Davis in jail for violating his order to issue same-sex marriage licenses. Donald Trump is even more shamefully, dramatically silent.” – Maggie Gallagher, writing for the National Review. (Tipped by JMG reader Christopher)