Liberty University To Erect New Tower

The comments over at Friendly Atheist are hilarious and I’m sure you’ll do just as well. Hemant Mehta writes:

I hear if you’re especially nice to it, it might grow even taller. (Yeah, yeah, it’s just a building. I’m very immature. As if you weren’t thinking the same damn thing. I suppose it could be worse.) Here’s what really made me laugh: “For us it will point heavenward and remind us that God really is the center of this campus,” Ed Hindson, the LU Divinity School Dean said. “For us it will point heavenward”? Yeah, that’s generally how towers operate everywhere. You’re not unique in that regard. Do Liberty’s architecture classes resemble their biology ones…? Anyway, the tower is on schedule to be fully erected by 2017.

Sample comment: “And you know what sound the bell makes? ‘DONG!’ I’ll show myself out.” (Tipped by JMG reader Rebecca)