Huckabee At Duggar Fest: People Like Kim Davis Will Never Go To Jail When I’m President [VIDEO]

Hate group leader Austin Ruse writes at Breitbart:

Huckabee showed a bit of frustration with the issue of defunding Planned Parenthood because he wants much more. He invoked the 42 years since Roe V. Wade and said he intended to raise the personhood of the unborn child in the Constitution. He also made a pitch to overturn judicial supremacy. “I know this much,” he said. “The Courts cannot make a law and I will take the oath to defend the Constitution and I will not surrender the executive branch and the legislative branch to the Court. I will bring back checks and balances and someone like Kim Davis will never go to jail again.” The crowd drowned him out. Huckabee’s problem became immediately apparent when Ben Carson was announced next. The applause for Carson was even louder and longer than that for Huckabee.