GoFundMe: I Got Fired For Anti-Gay Proselytizing At Work After My Bosses Said “Stop Doing That”

JMG reader Nick points us to this GoFundMe drive in which steel worker Chris Rouston admits that he was fired after repeated anti-gay proselytizing to coworkers. Sure, his boss DID totally say to cut that shit out, but Jesus is the REAL boss of the steel plant, so send him money. From the money beg:

Chris shared Ray Comforts new movie “Audacity” during a Facebook chat with a lesbian co-worker. He did this from his own home and while off the clock. He was called into the office the following day and was given a warning to stop communicating with that individual. A few days later he was lovingly sharing his personal testimony, along with the gospel with another lesbian co-worker. She complained to management and Chris was sent home. A few days later Chris was called into his manager’s office where he was told he was being fired. They denied his unemployment and offered no severance pay. The company also imediately cut off health insurance and payflex card. Chris’ desire was to lovingly and gracefully share his faith. He didn’t single out homosexuality but said that all people need to repent and put their trust in Jesus. He never intended to make anybody feel uncomfortable and had no idea that he was putting his job (of 14 years) at risk.

NOTE: Unlike similar recent money begs, this one likely doesn’t violate GoFundMe rules because Rouston is not accused of any crime.