Mat Staver: Decriminalizing Homosexuality Was The Beginning Of An Arrogant Judicial Aristocracy

“In 2003, Justice Kennedy, in the Lawrence opinion of the Supreme Court, wrote that liberty is ‘the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.’ That was not only bad metaphysics but blatant legal positivism; a philosophy which says, in effect, that the law is what the court says it is. The judicial aristocracy had arrived in full measure. It also laid the groundwork for the expansion of the power of unelected judges to manufacture the law. Twelve years later, that same Justice effectively abolished the uniqueness of marriage as between one man and one woman by redefining the word in the Obergefell decision. He ignored the constitutional limitations of the Court, violated the separation of powers, disregarded the will of the people, ignored the cross cultural witness of human history, rejected the Natural Moral Law, ignored judicial precedent and failed to consider the common good.” – Hate group leader Mat Staver, writing for BarbWire, which has published a dozen columns by advocates of the death penalty for homosexuality.