Crackpot Rabbi: I’m Jealous Of Kim Davis

Loony tune Rabbi Yahuda Levin, who has claimed that God sent Hurricane Sandy to destroy New York because of gay marriage, says that he is super jealous of Kim Davis. From the wingnut LifeSiteNews:

“On a theological basis, I am absolutely jealous of this woman, every minute she sits in prison to honor God’s name she obtains an immense heavenly reward,” said Rabbi Levin. Levin, a Brooklyn rabbi with a weekly radio show who is the official spokesman for the 850-member Rabbinical Alliance of America told LifeSiteNews that Davis has received “a personal email from a very distinguished head of a rabbinical court in New Jersey court on behalf of 1500 Orthodox Jewish families.” “Kim Davis,” he said, “is giving us, the entire country, another opportunity to make a reckoning of what is happening here.” What’s happening, he said is “homo-fascist bullying.” He added, “This just has to be called out for what it is.” Rabbi Levin expressed his disappointment and concern in the millions of Americans who are silent at this crucial time when “we are already at the tipping point into the depths of Sodom.” Even Sodom, he added, “did not have the temerity and the chutzpah (as we say in Jewish) to codify same gender marriage. … As bad as they were and they were — destroyed because of sodomy — they nevertheless never codified same gender ‘marriage.’”

RELATED: Back in 2011 Levin blamed the East Coast earthquake on homosexuality: “One of the reasons that God brings earthquakes to the world is because of the transgression of homosexuality. The Talmud states, ‘You have shaken your male member in a place where it doesn’t belong. I too, will shake the earth.'” That same year he blamed the murder of an eight year-old boy on New York’s legalization of same-sex marriage. The boy was killed by a heterosexual, divorced observant Jew – but that murder was totally our fault. And of course, also that year Levin marched in NOM’s hate rally in the Bronx which included an onstage call for executing homosexuals.