Christian Censorship Group To Retailers: Don’t Display Cosmopolitan Because It Encourages Anal Sex

Morality In Media has laughably renamed themselves the National Center On Sexual Exploitation and today they report that more major retailers are surrendering to their demand that Cosmopolitan Magazine be racked behind blinders. From the American Family Association:

Dawn Hawkins, executive director of NCSE, tells OneNewsNow the magazine is worse than Playboy. “They package it like it’s an empowering magazine for women, but really it is a pornographic magazine with explicit sexual descriptions,” she says. “It’s more sexually explicit than something like Playboy. It’s just that people don’t even realize that unless they’re actually picking it up and reading it.” Consequently, the Center launched a promotion called Cosmo Harms Minors to get the magazine off the shelves or behind blinders. Hawkins has an update. “We’ve contacted many retailers of the magazine,” she explains. “And some are responding, saying they are going to move the magazine and put it behind blinders: Walmart for example, Rite Aid, Food Lion, Delhaven America.” Safeway also has shown some signs of cooperating as the campaign progresses.

More from Hawkins: “Cosmo is actually just another porn magazine glamorizing and legitimizing a dangerous lifestyle — pushing readers to try violent, group or anal sex. Articles often encourage readers to engage in one-night stands or random hookups with strangers. The magazine is pornographic and should be treated as such, meaning specifically that it should not be in plain view of children at the checkout line.”

RELATED: Morality In Media formed in 1962 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan as Operation Yorkville.  Co-founder Father Morton Hill famously battled Gore Vidal on television after Vidal published his hit novel, Myra Breckenridge.