Breitbart: Trump Is Right To Mock Fiorina’s Face

Over at Trump World Headquarters, Breitbart columnist John Nolte says that because he is a sexist, he considers it ungentlemanly to mock the appearance of Carly Fiorina. (In the very next sentence he makes an exception for mocking Rosie O’Donnell’s looks.) But, Nolte declares, Trump is right to make fun of Carly Fiorina, because the only way to get attention from the lamestream media is to “fight like a leftist.” Which means calling ugly people ugly. He writes:

When it comes to the corrupt mainstream media and his political opponents (I think I just repeated myself), Trump’s entire campaign gameplan is to keep his opponents unbalanced, unfocused, on their back foot and on defense. And like Obama and Reid and the mainstream media, he is willing to do this by any means necessary. And yes, if Trump believes mocking an opponent’s looks will get him under her skin (a place where many campaigns are won), he’s willing to go there. Bill Clinton once said, “It’s better to be strong and wrong than right and weak.” Let me put it another way: No matter how nasty and underhanded the bully fights, nobody respects a punk. Nobody votes for punks. People respect strength. And the guy getting beat while he’s crybabying about the other guy not fighting fair is always the punk. Crybabying and moral outrage won’t change it.Fight or die. This is Thunderdome. Those afraid of their shadow need not apply.

The top rated comment on this article: “Great collumn. This is something that Andrew Breitbart was great at. Use the left’s tatics against them. Dirty politics works.”