Breitbart Headline Of The Day

Even though the ACLU and their plaintiffs stipulated that they didn’t want Kim Davis put in jail the first time, hate group leader Austin Ruse claims one Kentucky couple is working to have her arrested again. He writes:

Two sources close to Kentucky country clerk Kim Davis tell Breitbart News that the gay men whose demand for a marriage license started her on a path to jail for five days are again trying to get her locked up. These are the men who were seen on video shouting at Davis and demanding she issue them a marriage license in accord with the Supreme Court Obergefell decision that imposed gay marriage on the country. When she refused, Federal judge David Bunning jailed her for five days. While Davis was in jail, her staff issued a marriage license to the two men, though without her name attached to it. The license was issued in the name of the clerk’s office. The two men were satisfied, as was Judge Bunning and the Governor of the State of Kentucky. Upon her return, Davis began issuing licenses with “Pursuant to Federal Court Order” affixed. This newest version of Rowan County licenses did not affect the license issue to the two men. Even so, the men are back, saying the license they were so happy with a few weeks ago, is not sufficient. They are demanding that Davis issue a new license with her name on it.

RELATED: In addition to writing for Breitbart, Ruse is the head of C-FAM, the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, which is a member of the World Congress of Families, the coalition working with NOM and others to export anti-gay hatred to foreign counties. Last year Ruse was fired by a Christian radio network for saying that liberal college professors “should all be taken out and shot.” During a speech at CPAC 2012, Ruse denounced the United Nations for issuing a resolution against the gay death penalty.