AFA Spokesdouche Bryan Fischer Compares “Hero” Kim Davis To “Auschwitz Clerk” Who Won’t Sign Certificates Ordering Jews Into The Gas Chamber [VIDEO]

Kyle Mantyla has latest insanity from American Family Association spokesdouche Bryan Fischer:

“What would be think today of a clerk in her position and this is a clerk that controls entrance in and out of the town of Auschwitz?,” Fischer asked. “There’s this box car that pulls up and she knows that there are Jews in the box car that are headed to the gas chambers and yet she has to sign a certificate allowing this train to proceed through Auschwitz to get to the other side of town. Now, the law says you have got to do it … What would we think of her if she said, ‘No, I’m not going to sign that certificate’? I think we would regard her today as a hero for honoring her conscience when it came to an important issue.”